GSU’s National Day on Writing

A more wonderful day couldn’t have been host to this event that took place in the Library Plaza at Georgia State University. The sun was shining down to counteract the cool air as our FLC explored the many tables set up to discuss literacy and promote programs. The University Library hosted a table which first attracted me; they had an activity set up to engage the crowd where a person could make their own poem out of magnetic word strips. After making a haiku I discussed the purpose that the library has on campus. I was told that “We’re all about connecting the students with resources and information,” within the world of literacy this function is most vital to educate and spread art throughout the masses.

The Underground Literary Journal was giving away free issues to the students so I thought I would go over to collect one and talk to them about their function. They told me that publishing student work is one of their main priorities, and the idea of sharing literacy is very important to them. Related to their purpose, they were running a submission contest to publish a student piece. This kind of exposure is import within literacy as it helps encourage people to participate to the ever evolving subject.

The next table I visited was the Newsouth stand, and I was impressed with what they’re doing. Their main goal within the world of literacy is to give graduate students the opportunity to explore jobs within the field that they study, in this case, through the publishing of a literary journal. They were running a station where you could create some blackout poetry through pages of random literature they had printed. This activity showed me how literature can be created into something entirely new, and that as an art form it is fluid.

Before leaving I visited the Playfest table. The organization was focused on gathering people together every week to discuss all kinds of games from video games to board games. Set up for us to play was Jenga, and it was definitely a good time. Even though this is just playing games with people it still has a hand in literacy. The function of gathering a group of people to discuss different ideas and purposes of games in itself is a show of how literacy is interactive with the community through different forms of art, creations, and even games.